Saturday, October 13, 2007

Mike Tyson at Pinkberry

(per Elyse's request, I've filed this entry into my art blog. Are you happy NOW Miz Librarian?!)

I'm noticing that as I encounter these birds of paradise a.k.a. CELEBRITIES in Los Angeles, that I am waaaaaay to cool to whip out my camera and get all pappo or razzy on their asses.

I usually affect that "You don't impress me but that guy standing BEHIND you has me utterly captivated." demeanor while furtively making mental notes about EVERY detail of their appearance.

Or in the case of Mr. Mike Tyson, I just didn't want the guy to beat my ass. Plus I value my ears. They're cute, tiny, and perfectly proportional to my head.

But seeing Mr. Tyson at my local Pinkberry's was too much of a hoot to NOT share with you all. So without further adieu, I am going to introduce you to my FIRST EVER Celebrity Encounter Art Lesson.

Lesson 1: See and Draw Mike Tyson!

Step 1: If Mike Tyson was a Shape He'd Be A....

The first thing I noticed about Mike was that he looked like a block.

So everyone grab your pencils and draw a basic square...or rectangle like me. He was kinda puffy don't be so rigid with the lines or sharp with your edges.

Step 2: Mike Tyson's Turtley Proportions

Because Mike Tyson has almost zero neck, feel free to draw his head in the body. Like turtle!
Define his waistline in the middle.

Step 3: Mike Tyson's Sassy Figure Comes Together

His years of tough training have blessed Mr. Tyson with arms and legs that could mortally wound a tiny 115 pound girl who is subtly trying to take a photo of him with a camphone.

Step 4: Mike Tyson in TECHNICOLOR!

Mike was in an almost all white outfit. To be frank I was too busy staring at his face tatoo to notice what color his shoes were. Let's just say they were blue. And because Mike is a proud black man, let's not make him pink or yellow shall we?

Step 5: Plug in the Details That Make Mike...simply....MIKE.

Here we put in the finishing touches. Bringing Mike to life is all through the details. (FACE TATOO) and inserting the things that make Mike...simply Mike (FACE TATOO).

So there you have it. Not only do you know what it's like to SEE a living legend, but now you know who to draw him. All without the threat of getting a camera smashed into your face.

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elyse said...

why yes! i *do* feel better :) now shhhhhhhhhhh!