Saturday, June 7, 2008

My Comic Shizz in Hyphen Magazine!

Awesome news! I have the privilege of being the featured comic artist in the most current issue of Hyphen Magazine! #14, the "Spaces Issue" can be picked up at these book stores.
Besides my comic (check the last page yo!) the mag also has some great articles worthy of readership. From the Hyphen Magazine site, here is a list of what else is featured:
  • John Cho talks about starring in "Harold and Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay" and what it's like to take on the iconic role of Sulu in the "Star Trek" prequel movie.
  • Speaking of "Star Trek," we'll go where no magazine has gone before and scrutinize the white-dominated utopian future envisioned by the show and movies.
  • Byler, the filmmaker behind "Charlotte Sometimes" and "Tre," discusses art, activism and his support for Barack Obama.
  • Hyphen lays down the odds on who will be the first Asian American to run for president.
  • We'll look at the burgeoning Asian Pacific Islander prison population, what binds API inmates together and the writings of ex-prisoner Eddy Zheng.
  • An actor, a museum curator, a balloonist, an Elvis collector and an ocean swimmer tell us how they use their space.
  • We'll look at the legacy and rebirth of Seattle's Wing Luke Museum and the International Hotel in San Francisco.
  • We profile "Jonah Hex" creator Tony DeZuniga, leader of the “Filipino Invasion” of American comics

As a sneak preview, here's some panels I worked on for the comic. To read up and see photos of the actual events that inspired me, please check out my blog entry from Hiding in Asia.


Jodi said...

Awesome and Congrats!!!

Hiding in Asia said...


Thanks Miz Jodi!!!!!

Hey! I'll see YOU at COMICCON this year!!!! My old boss just swung me free passes for all four days!

I knew I wasn't meant for working in finance! ;-)

Side Burns said...

Excellent! The comic bug has bitten you...there's no turning back now....

Side Burns said...

Oh I've been keeping myself busy. Hard 8 is coming out next month (I have a 14 page story within that volume) and I'm working on another comic venture that I can't really talk about just yet...
Red is doing fine but she's been somewhat shelved for now (too busy with more pressing matters)

And you?