Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Girl and Her Bike

There is nothing like a cold combined with day-job-disenchantment to force me to stay at home and draw.

What did I draw in my dark, dungeony apartment? Why- an outdoorsy day-travellin' gal!

Oh irony!

By the way, this is also my first piece inked and colored entirely in Adobe Illustrator.

This was no easy feat. On Saturday I spent a good quarter of my day trying to figure out why my Wacom tablet was not registering pen pressure stroke sensitivity. No matter WHAT I did, my line strokes were -UGH- uniform in width!!! (you high strung artistes should surely comprehend my horror while you normal humans can continue rolling your eyes...)

After fruitless searches on the forums with plenty of bitching and complaining to multiple friends at 3 AM on the internet, I finally PRESSED HARDER on my tablet.

And it worked.

Now everyone can collectively roll your eyes at me...ALTOGETHER NOW!

*head slap to forehead* Bah! I blame my cold.


Jonathan Biddle said...

I have one of those Wacom screen tablet things at work - can't really get used to it.... never seem to be able to lose myself in a sketch. just using the Alias Sketchpad right now - any recommendations?

Jodi said...

Love, love, love your style! We should chat about that collaboration we were possibly going to do since we have some TIME before next Con. (Plus, we should just get together anyway!)

helintheworld said...

Hey Jonnay!

All I can say about the Wacom is practice practice practice. The first time I used it my boss at the internship was looking at me with a bigass frown on his face. Hardly fair at the time, but it didn't take long for me to finally love it after I started playing around. For rough sketches I still prefer old school analog pencil touch paper but for inking and refining a drawing I'm all for Wacom (only because with a pen my inking is disaster). Good luck!!!!

helintheworld said...

Thanks Jodi!!!

Especially after watching Bolt I'm all about drawing Hamsters again. LOL.

I need an art project too. Bleargh. You can totally be my whipcracker anytime. Keep me from artistic laziness!