Thursday, July 12, 2007

High Fashion in Tarzana, CA

I've been meaning to draw more pictures from life, but I haven't been inspired to lately until I started noticing some of the interesting fashions sported by the residents of Tarzana,CA.
Especially at the Coffee Bean and Panda Express next to my offices. Ever too shy to whip out my camera, I've decided to opt for a more subtle and lasting approach of using pencil and paper to preserve these images to memory.

Like a Norman Rockwell painting come to life...okay no. But somehow this seemed less yicky when I heard them speaking French. Aaaaah...the French.

I am all about women with a little swerve to their curve, junk in the trunk, jiggle to their wiggle...but sister here needs to learn how to dress to play DOWN her ASSets. Pajama capri pants with girl clown smiley faces are NOT the way to go gurl.

Incidentally, Tarzana is also the town where Britney up and shaved her head all crazy like that.

Something in the water?

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