Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Friend's New Baby Girl

Every time a friend of mine has a new baby I'm reminded I have ovaries and I better use 'em one day if I ever want one of these little guys of my own.

The model for this baby was actually a cute lil' guy I sketched from memory at the SF Moma. He was rockin' some major diaper booty as he stumbled down the hall. AAAAAAAAW!!!!

Then I took that sketch, scanned it and inked it into a little Asian baby girl using Illustrator:

For now, I will remain satisfied makin' babies in print. This sweety pie is going on a CONGRATULATIONS THE SCREAMING PAIN WAS WORTH IT card for my pals Katie and Leon in Japan.

1 comment:

hsu said...

Thank you so much!This is one of the best gift for our girl. After 7 monthes of your drawing. Her hair and face is just like what you drawed.You are amazing! Katie&Leon