Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"A Panda Carrying an Axe..No, Make it a Red WU XIA Style!"

Thanks to Mr. Jason Ho for suggesting I draw this lovely axe-wielding Red Panda. Only a very special brain would tell me , "Regular pandas are cliche..." and that I should make it in the Wu Xia style.

Perfect timing though since I'd just broken down and bought "The Art of Kung Fu Panda". As Po would say it's BADTASTICAL IN ITS AWESOMENESS. Though after drooling over Nico Marlet's work, I had to now make a Red Panda that didn't look like Shifu. Hence why mine is a butt-kickin' GIRL Red Panda.

I like this trend of gathering inspiration from my palsies.

Hey friends- what should I tackle next?

I'm going to leave you with a video I found while Googling for cool Wu Xia moves:


J.Ho said...

AWESOME!!!! she looks pissed!

Hiding in Asia said...

Thank you Shifu Ho!
Rather than pissed, I'd like to say she's just BADASS.